Roofs You Can Park Your Travel Trailer Under

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    • Some companies sell canopies that offer shelter for your travel trailer. The kits provide you with metal poles and a plastic or canvas roof that is either rounded or peaked to help shed rain and snow; this keeps the weight of heavy precipitation off the roof of your travel trailer. The biggest downside to this type of covering, though, is that the four sides are open, which leaves parts of your travel trailer unprotected from the elements. At the time of publication, trailer canopies range between $350 and $400.

    Portable Garage

    • Like a canopy, the portable garage is made from plastic or canvas stretched over a skeleton made of metal poles. The top is typically peaked, but can also be found in rounded varieties. However, a portable garage is enclosed on three of the four sides to further protect your travel trailer from the elements. A portable garage offers better overall protection for your trailer at a cheaper price than renting a storage facility that keeps trailers inside. If you choose this option, expect to pay between $165 and $500.


    • Some homes offer garages large enough to house a travel trailer. However, in some cases, you may have to sacrifice storing your car in the garage in favor of storing the trailer. If you do not have room in your garage, but want to store your trailer in one, some RV storage facilities offer inside storage of your trailer. This type of storage often comes with a larger cost than storing your trailer in a typical outdoor storage facility. Prices for indoor storage facilities vary widely by location. Prices can be between $135 and $350 per month.

    Importance of Protection

    • While many travel trailers are exposed to the elements -- rain, sleet and snow -- while you are out on a camping trip, long-term exposure can damage the integrity of your trailer. For many trailers, the roof is made of rubber that cannot hold a lot of weight. If you live in an area where snow is common in the winter, keeping snow from building atop your trailer is important to prevent damage to the roof. As snow melts, temperatures may still drop enough in the night to create ice, which can also damage your trailer roof. The tires on a trailer can become damaged when exposed to the sun's UV rays for long periods. Tire covers cost around $25 to $30 for each side. Tire covers are necessary if you cannot completely enclose your trailer during storage.

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