How to Build a LEGO Bulldog

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    • 1). Connect one of the white 2-by-4 plates on top of the other white 2-by-4 plate to start building your LEGO bulldog. The two studs on the bottom plate should still show.

    • 2). Add the white 2-by-2 plate underneath the edge of the top white 2-by-4 plate piece.The two studs on the bottom white 2-by-4 plate plate should still show.

    • 3). Create the bulldog mouth and nose. Push the black 1-by-1 round plate into the yellow 1-by-2 plate with one knob. Then connect the piece onto the two studs on the white 2-by-4 plate.

    • 4). Build the legs and feet to your LEGO bulldog. Position the two white 1-by-2 palisade bricks underneath to give the bulldog structure an illusion of four legs and feet.

    • 5). Add ears for the bulldog by placing a white 1-by-2 palisade brick next to the mouth and nose piece.

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