The Best Songs to Learn on Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

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Learning to play the acoustic guitar can be fun and rewarding, but at first you might feel a bit overwhelmed trying to find songs that you can easily play with little or no experience.
Don't give up because there are guitar songs...
even ones that you know and love that are written with the beginner in mind.
One of the first things you learn as a beginner on the guitar are chords and chord progressions.
As you learn these progressions you will want to find easy songs that you can play that incorporate these chords.
Good easy songs written for the guitar have a few things in common:
  1. They are written with relatively few chord changes.
  2. The chord changes require a small amount finger movement.
  3. Chord changes happen evenly throughout the song.
  4. The chord fingerings are not complex.
With these criteria in mind, I have come up with a few of the easiest songs to play on the guitar.
Some of these songs you may not have heard of.
Others will be a little more familiar:
  • No Particular Place To Go, Chuck Barry - This song written in the 1960's is a moderate shuffle with a chord progression ofB - E - A - B7.
  • I Shot the Sheriff, Bob Marley - Written in 1974, this is an easy Caribbean beat and has a chord progression of Am - Dm - Fmaj7 - Em.
  • 59th Street Bridge Song, Paul Simon - Also known as "Feelin' Groovy", this is a whimsical song that has chord progression ofC - G/B - Am7 - G.
  • Late In the Evening, Paul Simon - This song also by Paul Simon has a Caribbean feel and has a chord progression ofF - Bâ?­ - C.
  • Let her Cry, Hootie & The Blowfish - Written in 1994, this is a popular song written in a slow rock beat.
    It has a chord progression of G - D - C.
  • Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton - Written in1991, this slower love song has a chord progression ofG - D, C, Em, Am.
Although it might seem hard at first these songs will help you utilize some of the chords you have been practicing, and soon you will be playing them to the amazement of yourself and those around you.
Remember, this is only the beginning of your guitar training and soon enough you will be playing all of the songs you love.
Keep practicing the fundamentals and you will be playing the guitar like a pro!
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