The 10 Best Health Calculators Available Online Today

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Online health calculators are a tool used in calculating disease risks.
Online calculators are capable of measuring the health and fitness of a patient, especially when it comes to the weight, fitness programs, nutrition and even sports activities.

Online health calculators can help a person achieve his goals in improving overall health and fitness. It is fully customized, coming with graphical images, extensive help and printable reports. There are many health calculators available on the web which can give the best services, especially in measuring ones health:
The BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator is a simple calculator that calculates the body mass index. BMI (body mass index) is the measurement of body fat based on ones weight and height. It can be applied for both adult men and women.

This tool can be used by entering the weight and the height. Then, click and compute the BMI button in order to publish the result. The BMI result will feature if a person is underweight, normal, overweight and even obese.

The BMI can also help indicate total body fat in order to avoid the risk of diseases. This tool is limited to athletes and other people who have muscular build up. However, it has a tendency to overestimate calculations of body fat. On the other hand, it may also underestimate the body fat of older persons, especially those who have lost their muscle mass.

YourDiseaseRisk is an online health calculator developed by the Harvard Center for cancer Prevention. It predicts and collects the latest risks of having a disease, compiling it into an easy-to-use tool.

Diseases include the following:
Heart diseases
and stroke

The cancer section can cover cancers for the following:
and stomach

Life Expectancy Calculator
Life Expectancy Calculator is a tool used for calculating the life expectancy of a person. It is a virtual interview machine that publishes the virtual age based on the family history, lifestyle, eating habits and other information from an administering doctor.

ADA DiabetesPHD
DiabetesPHD (Personal Health Decision) is a powerful health tool for risk assessment. It is powered by Archimedes care modeling software, bringing a large range of clinical research for accurate health risk predictions. Aside from this, it can be used for discovering the effects of many health care interventions such as weight loss, smoking and medicine intakes.

Diabetes PHD can ask a person to input his or her health history information. Later on, it can determine a personalized result which shows the risks for any kind of diseases. It will then input the variables in a profile, which will show how this can affect the future health of a person.

AHA Heart Attack/Coronary Heart Disease Risk Assessment
AHA risk assessment is a tool supported by the American Heart Association. It helps in assessing the risk of having a heart attack or coronary heart disease. The tool also checks if a person has a metabolic syndrome (cardiovascular disease), stroke and diabetes.

The Risk Assessment Tool is for ages 20 or older particularly for those who do not suffer from a heart disease and diabetes. The tool uses a scoring system known as the Framingham Heart Study. Hence, the national guidelines call this as ATP III. The results include:
Risk assessment
Summary report
Metabolic syndrome
and action plans
These can be uploaded or printed.

Smoking Risk Calculator
This tool calculates the risk of dying with lung cancer and other diseases that is acquired in smoking. The data is provided by the American Cancer Society, coming from Cancer Prevention Studies.

Dr. Sears Body Fat Calculator
Dr. Shears calculator publishes the body fat percentage, the lean body mass and the protein requirement. This is in grams and it focuses on the maintenance of the activity level. It is the so-called zone food block guide that lists the foods you can use in a meal structure.

MedCal3000 provides a wide range of related medical formula, along with a decision tree analysis tool and clinical criteria sets. These are used by most medical educators, clinicians, nurses and health care students. A subscription must be made in order to access all the equations.

UMMS Health Calculators
UMMS calculators are being supported by the University of Maryland. It helps in assessing the risks of:
Cholesterol reduction
Suicide risk

Aside from this, it also assesses the ratio of:
And Fiber intake
Health Care Insurance Cost Calculator
This calculator allows the comparison of health care options or plans at a given time. It considers monthly premiums, co-payments, deductibles and co-insurance. The variables which will be inputted will be computed for the cost results.
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