How to Care for Butcher Blocks

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    • 1). Wash the surface of the butcher block with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Don't let water or other liquids sit on the butcher block; wipe them up as soon as possible.

    • 2). Rub mineral oil into the surface of the butcher block after it has dried thoroughly. Use a soft cloth, warm oil and rub in the direction of the grain, advises the University of Wisconsin. The first time you oil the surface, apply two or three layers. After four to six hours, wipe off any excess that has not been absorbed. Re-oil the surface once a month.

    • 3). Sand the surface when it is showing wear and tear. Sand lightly and wipe off all the dust. Re-apply mineral oil. Use sandpaper now and then to remove stains and always apply oil when you are finished.

    • 4). Apply wood filler to any cracks that develop with a putty knife. Allow the filler to dry, sand it smooth and re-oil the entire surface.

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