Tips for Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time

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Managing your energy, not your time is the key to success.
To manage your energy well, that means you are taking care of the basics, such as eating, sleeping, and exercising.
It also means that you are respecting your boundaries.
When you manage your energy well, it also means that you are drawing from multiple sources of power, such as your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.
The more you draw from, the more support you have for boundless energy.
Why Manage Energy, Not Time You can throw a lot of hours at something, but if you don't have the energy for it, you are not going to get anywhere fast.
On the flip side, when you bring a lot of energy to the challenge at hand, you can do amazing things in short periods of time.
In fact, a powerful way to think of making things happens is to think in terms of a series of sprints, instead of looking at things as one long marathon.
This will help you break things down into smaller wins to build momentum.
This will keep your energy strong, while you flow value along the way.
10 Ways to Manage Your Energy If you treat your energy management as a skill, then you can adopt and practice some good habits to help you master it.
Here are ten ways you can use to master your energy management:
  1. Find your flow.
    One of the best ways to find your flow is to find things that challenge you, just enough.
    Find things that stretch you in new ways and challenge your skills.
    This will keep you engaged.
    At the same time, you don't want to take on too many things that push you past your limits or where you can't be successful.
    Dance at the edge of your limits to expand yourself, while staying engaged and growing your skills.
    Your work can be your arena for your personal growth.
  2. Be a rubber band.
    Your energy is not static.
    You will have ebbs and flows.
    Use the ups and downs to stretch yourself like a rubber band, and then relax back, while you recharge and renew.
    Embrace the cycle of your personal energy patterns, rather than fight them.
    Make time to shut down, and don't try to be "always on.
    " Know your own limits.
  3. Build momentum.
    Get the little wins under your build.
    The little wins will inspire you and build your confidence.
    Use this positive energy to build new wins.
  4. Change Your Pace.
    If you feel like you're always stuck in second gear, then change it up.
    Try going things faster.
    Give yourself less time to do them.
    On the flip side, take some more time to do things, and give yourself more time to finish what you start.
    Play with your pace to see the impact it has on your energy.
  5. Find Your "Why.
    If you want to have relentless inspiration, then find a compelling "Why" for what you do.
    If the "Why" is strong enough, then you will fan the flames of your inspiration.
    It's your main fallback for finding your way forward, and finding your drive.
  6. Make it a game.
    If you can inject the fun factor into whatever you day, you can use that boost your energy.
    For example, one way to make something a game is to see how much you can do in 20 minutes.
    Turn whatever you do into a challenge.
    A simple way to find the challenge is to ask yourself, "What's the challenge?" If you treat it as a challenge and you can make the scoreboard fun, you win.
  7. Spend more time in your strengths.
    One of my strengths is dealing with complex information and making it simple.
    I can do that all day long.
    It's easy for me, but maybe not so easy for other people.
    If I spend more time in my strength, I get better at it.
    It also doesn't drain me.
    Instead, it actually gives me more energy.
    Spending more time in my strengths is a key way to recharge throughout the day.
    The opposite is also true.
    Spending time in your weaknesses drains you.
    Find ways to spend less in your weaknesses, so you can keep your energy strong, all week long.
  8. Spend more time in your values.
    When you spend time in your values, you make it easy to renew your energy.
    For example, I like adventure.
    If I can connect whatever I do to adventure, then I can recharge.
    For example, rather than just work on a project, I turn it into an epic adventure.
  9. Slow down to speed up.
    Sometimes the best way to manage your energy is to slow down.
    If you slow down and get into a good state of mind, you can use clarity as a way to reduce or eliminate stress or anxiety.
    Some stress is a good thing.
    Too much stress is a bad thing.
    Periodically slow down so you can operate from a peaceful state of calm.
  10. Take breaks.
    Your brain can only take so much.
    If you find that you keep getting sapped for energy, then try taking more breaks.
    When you move, you can get your energy flowing again.
    It doesn't even take a lot to recharge, but if you keep going past your limits, then start injecting breaks more often.
Test Your Results The most important idea here is that regardless of which technique you adopt, you have to test it.
You have to find what works for you.
When you test it, be sure to focus on the principle, not the rule per se.
If you stay flexible, you may find that there are many ways to make the principle more useful for you.
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