Poverty Is a Mind-Set

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Poverty is a mind-set; one become poor because one believes he is (and there is nothing he can do about it), belief leads to thought pattern and thought pattern leads to corresponding action and ultimately action leads to destiny which further reinforces the belief and hence the vicious circle is complete.
Belief > Thoughts > Actions > Destiny > reinforced belief > Thoughts > Actions > Destiny...
repeat circle! You are not who you think you are, you are who you think (based on belief system) into being.
One may think is inferior because he is inferior in reality; but the truth of the matter is, you began thinking (and acting as inferior) before you became inferior in reality.
People cannot make you inferior without your consent.
Thus, you cannot ask a person who feels and act as inferior to stop doing so; the individual has only hope of change if he/she changes the belief, leading to change of thought pattern, action and ultimately wholesome change of experience.
Wealth and Poverty are not an exception; wealthy individuals are not wealthy because they simply are, but they become wealthy because they believe they are wealthy, think and act accordingly regardless of the reality surrounding them, and eventually wealth catch up with them.
People with poverty mind-set exhibit the following traits: - act in fear; withhold themselves and their finances from ventures and investments lest they lose, just like a guy in the bible who was given one talent, - would not take intelligent risks; they avoid risks at any cost...
though they do gamble every now and then, but would not commit to real investment, - believe that fate determines their destiny; they think if they were meant to be wealth, they will be regardless of their choices and actions they take every day, - wait for opportunities to come to them instead of pro-actively seeking and searching for opportunities and making things happen for them, in many cases even when opportunities show up they wouldn't either recognize them or not be prepared for them, - always search for quick fix (no risk) get rich quick schemes and would not humble themselves to submit to small beginnings and persistently follow through, - don't take themselves or God seriously and so would not act (research, invest and work on) god given ideas and talent they know they are good in, - they make 'get rid of pain' as their motive, passion and source of energy to work towards their dream, so when the pain is relieved they go back to old self until another pain shows up So how is your mind-set? dead on poverty or wealth as God intended for you?
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