Work Hard As an Internet Marketer

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The charismatic motivator Brian Tracy uses an analogy in his successful series The Psychology of Selling.
In order for a plane to take off it must be going at full throttle on the runway.
It must build up enough speed and momentum which will allow it to take off.
Once it is in the air it can slow down to a cruising speed but to get off the ground requires full velocity.
To get your business off the ground you need to be operating at full throttle.
The internet marketing niche has low barriers to entry and people are of the opinion that they can start an internet business from scratch and start making money right away.
This is not so.
To make money on the internet is like any other business - it requires hard work.
You can start today and you can be an expert in 60-90 days if you work on your niche for an hour every single day.
The reason for this is because of the law of accumulation.
Each bit of information builds on the last until a critical point is reached, much like compound interest, and then your knowledge explodes upwards.
Once you have enough articles, you can legitimately write an eBook on the subject.
This is fantastic because having a quality eBook out in the market gives you a certain amount of social proof and others in that market will start perceiving you as an expert.
In 60 days any person on earth will become an expert if they spend an hour a day for 60 days on a subject.
(Incidentally I'm talking on an informational level here.
If my appendix bursts I'm still gonna go to a surgeon and not you even if you've studied it for 60 days fella).
Quite simply, if you put that much time and effort into learning and dissecting a subject it will be impossible not to be an expert.
The key is to make up your mind on what subject or niche you want to be the go-to person for, then set about becoming that person.
As you learn, you must write articles, create audio or video and by the time you become a bona fide expert you have created a massive library of information that is sellable.
This is particularly applicable to the internet marketing niche where there are low barriers to entry and such freely available information to learn from.
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