Intractable Migraine - Terms, Factors and Medications of the Intractable Migraine Headache

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Intractable migraine is a form of migraine that called also as visual migraine, ocular migraine and ophthalmic migraine.
It is like the simple migraine because it affects the vessels of the blood.
It is affecting the body veins that linked to the vision center in the brain.
Visual aura disturbance is the main signs of this intractable migraine.
It may remain for half hour.
It is begun as a shimmering light semi circular with jagged edges.
This edge obscures the ability of seeing.
A pain ( headache ) could be occurred with these visual disturbances but is very rare.
The most common symptoms of the intractable migraine are the vomiting, heightened light sensitivity and nausea.
There is no specific factor for this migraine but there are many migraine reasons such as dehydration, eyestrain, depression, stress, fatigue, certain food, shifting the estrogen levels and alcohol.
Intractable visual disturbance might also be caused by the clotting of the brain blood, detaching retina or other migraine cases so you should visit your ophthalmologist or your neurologist to make sure that you have this migraine.
The intractable migraine can cause a damage to the brain or the eyes since it comes with a painful headache.
You should visit your physician and take the suitable treatment if that occurred.
Ibuprofen, naproxen and other over the counter treatments may be taken to overcome this migraine.
You can eliminate its attacks by taking non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs ( NSAID drugs ) such as aspirin.
These medications keep the normal size of the veins.
They need to be taken after the aura beginning.
The sight is hampered that performing tasks during the symptoms.
You should relax and wait.
You must avoid bright lights and sounds because they can worsen your intractable migraine episodes.
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