Checklist for The Compulsory Parts of Professional Minisite Templates

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Every minisite template is specifically designed to obey the laws of direct response web design to laser-focus the reader to your copy, and dramatically increase your conversion rates!
In fact, sometimes a 'cheap' template can actually discourage people from ordering your product. Even the experts agree... your presentation will reflect on the quality of your product! Why spend all that time and effort to create an amazing product, just to try to sell it in a sock?

On the other hand, understand that the design of a minisite template is as important to the success of the selling, as the sales message itself! Your mini site should be professionally and specifically designed to do one thing - and one thing only! Get visitors to read about your product or service, and encourage them to buy it.
There are significant differences between regular templates and direct-response templates. Choose the wrong one and it could cost you months in frustration and hassle and CASH from lost sales, because the template you chose simply wasn't designed to sell.

So here are the compulsory parts of successful minisite templates

1.    Header

The top header graphic area has been designed to give the initial graphic punch and stamp your product/service name or your brand into the mind of the visitor - without taking attention away from the headline, or using up valuable screen from your product.

2.    Teaser text

The teaser text area is worked into the design to draw the visitor into the site, and to move them subconsciously to the headline.

3.    You absolutely need high-quality ecovers as they present your product.

Product presentation is absolutely important! It's the same as buying any kind of product in a supermarket. The cover is what catches your attention. The cover is also communicating to you the value of this product. Cheap covers = low value. Pleasing, professional covers = high value.

4.    80% of your selling depends on headline area.

I specifically placed the headline area in the exact location to draw the most attention and have the biggest impact. 80% of your selling is done in this one spot - don't take a chance on using a template that doesn't add power to this vital space.

5.    All minisite templates come with a full page of long copy laid out for you.

All you have to do is cut-and-paste your own content into it. After that ,it is going to add credibility to your product by presenting it as professionally as possible.

6.    The intro to your letter flows on form the sub-head and starts to engage the reader on a personal level

7.    People buy from other people.

So introduce yourself. A copy with a photo of the author sells better than a copy without it. I included a pre-made table and image setup so you can place a picture of yourself in this position. You can move it wherever you would like to, it's totally customizable.

8.    Preformatted testimonial boxes make your file easier. You can simply change colors, or build bulleted lists using css.

9.    Rounded-corner 'Johnson Box' is added for your convenience to format bonuses or other contents. 

Visitors like this variety when reading.

10.    Copyright and Footer Notice Area.

You can add any link you want on t he bottom of the page, e.g. Privacy policy, Earnings Disclaimer, Affiliate signup etc. It builds confidence in your visitors.
These are the minimum parts of a professional webpage. Nowadays they don't guarantee the your success, you will also need an accomplished Minisite Template design, a fantastic product, a customer service, etc.. But a high qualified minisite template could be a good starting point if you want a really good website.
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