How to Make a Bucket List

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Commit to making an actual bucket list. A bucket list is basically a list of goals. There is considerable research that proves people who write down their goals are more successful than those that do not. Most people have an idea of what they want to do before they die, but they never commit to getting out a piece of paper. Making an actual bucket list increases the likelihood that you will one day put a check mark by it and fulfill your goal.

Get input from friends and family. Where do they want to go and what do they want to do. It is always great to bounce ideas off of people that you respect. Perhaps they thought of a great idea that begs inclusion on your list. This is all right. There are no penalties for copying on this list. In fact, Google "bucket list" and check out what people on the Internet have posted. You may find a whole new genre of ideas you did not even contemplate.

Don't forget the little things. Your list may have all these incredible places to visit and amazing activities to partake in, but sometimes little pleasures can be just as rewarding. How about watching a sunrise at Key West, having a drink at the Green Mill in Chicago where Al Capone used to hang out, or walk the field where Picket led his charge at Gettysburg. These are all fun inclusions, but not as difficult or adventurous as Everest or Africa.
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