How Playing Team Sports Can Benefit Your Child

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My little nine year old girl started playing soccer last summer.
It all started with pure fun, but after playing for a year now, it is evident that team sports really benefit a child's growth.
When she began playing indoor soccer last summer, her coach complimented her athleticism and suggested that we should allow her to join the league for proper training and coaching in order for a better future.
Even though it was quite challenging for her at first, since she hardly knew anyone on the team, her passion motivated her to keep playing.
Through the process, she learned to make new friends and accept others.
It was an excellent way to develop social skills for the years to come.
Besides learning to mingle, she learned how to listen and obey.
Sometimes, I wish I could have the power of the coach to make her listen and follow my instructions without any questioning.
One must show your ability and authority in order for the kids to trust in what you said.
What's more, she learned the golden lesson, "practice makes perfect".
Success does not come in vain.
Not only did she have to practice twice a week, but play an actual game as well.
Needless to say, the star players on the team were usually the ones who were present at every practice.
You may have talent, but practice is what makes full potential of the talent you have.
Your harvest depends on how well you've farmed.
Of course, she grew physically stronger and more enduring with each game and practice as well.
With all the junk food the kids are eating nowadays, exercise is crucial to part of their healthy development.
Last but not least, she learned how to embrace failure and always do her best in each game.
While winning is an amazing experience, the game is about how you've proved yourself and how well you have done.
Winning is just an empty feeling when no hard work was put forth and no team work was shown.
Failures are inevitable in life.
It is good to learn early how to accept it, learn from it, and move on.
My daughter is now begging to play basketball in the upcoming season just because one of her friends is playing also, but I convinced her otherwise.
If she had quit soccer, then what was all the sweat and tears for? She had just begun improving and excelling in soccer that it would be a waste to just quit.
Perseverance is another key to success.
My little child got ALL that from just playing soccer for one season, what about your kids?
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