Teen Jobs - The 3 Summer Classics

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As the owner of a teen jobs website, I am often asked about the best summer jobs for teens.
We all know the economy is bad right now, but there are still plenty of jobs for teens.
My advice is to always go with the classics.
Here are the top three summer jobs for teenagers.
In a recent poll that was conducted on our teen blog, lifeguarding was voted as the coolest job to have.
It is a cool job, but don't be fooled.
Being a lifeguard is hard work and takes a lot of education and training.
You will need to be certified to work as a lifeguard in most places and the good news is you only have to 15 years old to start the process.
Amusement Parks was the second ranked job.
Working at an amusement park can be a great way to spend the summer.
They hire teens for a wide range of positions, including, ride operators, kitchen staff, cashiers, security and many other roles.
The perks are that you can meet a lot of other teenagers and it is a very social environment.
Also, many parks offer discounts or even free admission to the parks so you can enjoy it on your days off.
Another classic summer job is working as a camp counselor.
There are literally thousands of camps and many are theme oriented so you can match one up with your interests and talents.
The major advantages to working as a camp counselor are that you get to bond with the kids, make new friends, and stay in shape.
There you have it, the three classic teenager jobs and the three most popular jobs as voted by the members of Teen Job Scene.
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