How to Record a Phone Conversation

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    • 1). Connect a commercial telephone recording device to the phone you plan to use for the conversation. This device may be a tape recorder with special cables that place it in line with the phone cords, or it may be a cable that hooks into your computer and uses computer audio software to make the recording.

    • 2). Call a friend or family member to test your recording device. Even if your state does not require consent from the other party, let the state know you are recording as a courtesy.

    • 3). Play back the audio from your test call and make any adjustments necessary. If your plan is to record an incoming call, ask a family member or friend to call you to test out the equipment on an incoming call too.

    • 4). Confirm your equipment is running and conduct the call you want to record, such as an interview or meeting. Inform the other party about the recording if necessary or simply as a courtesy if it is not necessary in your state. Recording state-to-state calls always requires consent.

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