Canine Bladder Stones Diet - Just How Effective is it at Preventing Bladder Stones in Dogs?

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A canine bladder stone diet may help to prevent the formation of bladder stones or to dissolve an existing stone...
Strategies used by veterinarians differ by stone type.
If a dog already has stones, certain types of stones can be dissolved with diet, although others require the use of medications, flushing the system or surgical removal.
The easiest way to prevent stones is to increase the volume and frequency of urination.
The obvious was to do this is to encourage drinking water.
Water helps to dilute the urine, making it harder for stones to form.
Increased urination also flushes the bladder which keeps stones and bacteria from taking hold.
One tip is to provide a dog with more than one water dish in more than one location.
Ease of access will help in addition to adding an additional walk to your dog's schedule.
Another approach to increasing moisture intake, is to add water to a dry diet, add the amount of salt in the dry diet (listed as sodium chloride), or switch to a canned food .
Many canned products contain 80% water.
Another approach is to change the PH of the urine itself.
The pH needs to be in perfect balance to enhance the body's natural stone fighting ability.
The two ways to go about this is to change your dog's food to one recommended by your veterinarian, such as a Prescription Diet, or to add a homeopathic remedy to the diet.
Both approaches should be tried for a period of time to see if it helps.
Canine bladder stones diet approaches tend to minimize specific components of the dietary mix such as protein, magnesium, and phosphorus.
Homeopathic ingredients such as Berberis vulg have clinical studies which support its use in helping the bladder function normally.
Apart from canine bladder stones diet, your dog requires regular exercise and plenty of water to stay healthy.
You must visit your vet regularly and get your dog checked thoroughly to detect any health problem well in advance.
You can also give your dog homeopathic remedies which can improve its urogenital health and prevent bladder stones and other such problems.
If stones are present, they will either need to be dissolved with medications or dietary change, or if causing a health problem, they may need to be surgically removed.
Simple steps such as diet and supplements can help to prevent these types of problems from reoccurring.
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