Woman"s Laughter Is Your Success

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Humor is the way to win a woman.
It matters not if you aren't the lady's man because of your looks, financial status or simply because you are too timid.
You still have a chance.
There is more than one way to get into hearts and minds of hot women.
We won't go into details, but the strongest of them all is certainly humor.
If you easily make a woman laugh genuinely - you will undoubtedly get her attention and, after that, affection.
Many men spend tons of money on purchasing books about relationships, going to seminars and dating different women; often men learn something from these meetings, personal experiences, courses and seminars.
In the end, however, they all come to a simple conclusion - pheromone perfumes...
, brand-new cool clothing, outstanding pickup lines, fancy approaching techniques, perfect language patterns none of them will ever work for you if you are unable to make a woman laugh.
Because humor is the best way to win the attention of a lady.
Actually, if you search the internet you'll recognize that all the so called "dating experts" emphasize the importance of humor in a starting conversation.
Think about it: "Would you rather spend time with a person who is genuinely funny and makes you loosen up or a person who talks in a peculiar fashion but wears fancy clothes? (Or both?)" Psychological studies bring evidence that during first contact it is practically impossible to resist attraction of someone who has made you laugh genuinely for more than 5 times.
Really, when you think about it, it actually is common sense.
It is in our nature to strive for pleasure and avoid unpleasant situations.
And when we get the things we desire we, of course, smile or laugh.
Laughter indicates pleasure, and humor is the way to it.
Humor is a vigorous weapon when trying to conquer women, more powerful than most men will ever know.
Unfortunately, a lot of men will never leave a state of "Tedious, Boring and Average".
You can change that - be different - humorous, good looking and with an advantage over all the others.
They will be confused by how easy you talk to women.
Even women themselves state that they would more likely be attracted to a guy with a good sense of humor rather than a stylish but completely boring man.
You can study the articles in major female magazines, read about what women put in their online dating profiles under "qualities wanted in men", or even go and look for proof somewhere else...
But there is no real need for all that to realize that making a woman laugh is the key to mutual attraction.
Actually, real statistical data shows that 82% of women do choose humor as one of the top characteristics they wish to find in a man they are dating.
Why Laughter Is So Important? Usually men consider women's laughter to be an indication of how good the date is going.
To them it's just something good to have, and they don't give it much weight.
While in fact...
Laughter is the most important thing that takes place, because it has the power to win a woman's heart.
Your chances will rise with every sincere smile you produce.
If you keep her laughing, it means you are "almost there".
So if your goal is to make a woman fall in love with you - you have to be able to make her laugh.
Laughter is not just "nice to have".
It's all you will need, really.
not all of us can be funny and make a woman laugh every time.
And, quite frankly, being a comic, spitting out jokes 24/7 is not a good way to go either.
There is a faint line between being funny and being a clown, you better not cross it, or it's all over.
No worries though.
Any man can make a woman laugh and fall in love.
You can practice this anytime you want, start bringing joy and smiles to women around you and the results will be forthcoming.
Never again will you feel awkward, uneasy or nervous.
No more fear of being declined, desperate searches for things to talk about, concerns about being thought of as dull and uninteresting, no matter what women you are dating...
Imagine yourself confidently approaching any woman, whether she is hot, sporty, intellectual, average-looking, boring, sexy or beautiful...
does not matter.
It is absolutely irrelevant, because if you can make a woman laugh then your success is predetermined.
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