How to lose Loose Your Belly Fat and Never Gain it Back Wwith Healthy Eating

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If you have belly fat you are probable doing one or all of these 3 things that can easily be corrected to bring you permanent success with you body issues.
oRelying on a fast tract formula involving some sort of miracle pill instead of Healthy Eating.
oRefusing to make workable adjustments in your lifestyle, like being more active.
oYou are stressed out about this or other life issues causing your internal organs oxidative stress.
All of this can be corrected forever with a little awareness, persistence, and focus on healthy eating.
It all depends on your desire to heal, transform and empower yourself.
When you rely on a pill, you deny your own power to use your skills to overcome the problem.
Also, you sell your power and energy to a drug company.
Most pills try to flush food from your body before it can be absorbed and stored as fat.
If you replace the fat forming food you are eating with tasty, delicious, purposely planned meals this is a head start to the solution.
Seize your chance to re-think dieting and weight loss...
This is the genesis of transformation.
Once your mind accepts this, your body will acquiesce and change.
A workable adjustment you can do is to get more involved with your food.
This will increase your activity.
Find a good cook book and plan a menu.
Then walk through a whole food grocery store or the produce section of an ordinary grocery store and make going to the grocery store an exercise, at least 3 times per week.
This can lessen time spent looking at TV, getting tempted by fast food commercials.
Plan to spend some time cooking easy, tasty, meals that promote the best health.
Also check out this cook book: Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly, the easy way to slow aging, feel great and look good.
This book will help you to control your portion size, since the recipes serve one or two persons.
This automatically stops overeating.
Do whatever you can to become more active.
Walk around your neighborhood, walk the dog!You get the picture move more often.
Resolve to sit 40 - 50 % less.
Most foods that cause belly fat create oxidative stress on your internal organs like your liver, heart and pancreas.
The end product of oxidative stress is free radicals.
Free radicals damage, destroy and cause whole organ systems in your body to mal-function.
This can cause diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and high cholesterol.
Switch to fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds and healthy fats and oils.
This will give you the antioxidant power to have a more efficient digestion and absorption of your meals.
This is the head start to getting rid of belly fat.
If you are emotionally challenged it is a good idea to work with a wellness coach or spiritual teacher who can help you get a grasp on dealing with other stressors in your life.
Healthy Eating is a life long pursuit that requires learning, changing and a whole lot of tenacity.
It can't happen in 30 days!You will know you are changing when you are inspired to play with fresh food and your friends call you a healthy eating nut.
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