Would You Like to Take a Pill to Lose Weight?

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Who wouldn't like to take a pill to lose weight? It would seem as if we should be able to do that, since so many cures are found in pill form right now.
There is no shortage of advertisements for diet pills promising those results, and chances are you or someone you know has actually tried a weight loss pill of one sort or another.
There are three basic types of weight loss pills marketed today.
One is an appetite suppressant; this type of pill works on the hypothalamus of the brain, making it feel as if you've just eaten a big meal.
This "full" feeling makes you feel less inclined to eat any more.
Stimulants are also sold as weight loss pills.
They at one time contained ephedrine and caffeine, although ephedrine has been proven to be dangerous and downright deadly and has been taken off the market.
Stimulants today still contain large doses of caffeine and other elements that produce the same rush of adrenaline and a boost to the metabolism.
Fat blockers inhibit the action of the enzyme lipase, which breaks down fat during the digestion process.
This means that fat won't be absorbed into the system and instead should just be sent through the digestive system.
But do these pills work? No doubt many of them use the same types of claims, such as being able to lose 30 pounds in 30 days or burn fat more rapidly with their use.
Again, do these pills work? Ask yourself, does anyone you know that has tried these pills look like a swimsuit model? Did you try one type or another in the past and found that they worked? Chances are the answer is no.
Diet pills are typically nothing more than a high concentration of caffeine, which makes you feel a bit energized for a time but also dizzy and even confused or agitated.
They rarely do anything to really help you lose weight, and often their dangers far outweigh and small amount of weight loss you may have.
Diet pills often increase blood pressure, do damage to the heart and nervous system, and can interfere with one's overall metabolism.
True weight loss that is lasting can only be achieved through proper eating and effective exercise.
This means that a person will lose weight and keep it off and will also be healthier overall.
Eating healthy means getting the nutrition your body needs while cutting out the unhealthy elements such as sugar, salt and fat.
Regular exercise means strengthening your heart, lungs, muscles, and even your bones.
It also means increasing circulation which in turn promotes healing and overall health; this also increases your mental abilities and alertness.
Exercise raises your metabolism so that you're burning calories more efficiently even when you're at rest.
So rather than looking for that quick fix or weight loss pill, instead consider losing weight in a way that is safe, effective, and that is long-lasting as well.
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