How to Make a Miniature Spool Reindeer Christmas Ornament

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    • 1). Cut four pieces of toothpick ¾ inches long for the reindeer’s legs. Square toothpicks work best for the legs, but round runs will do if that is all there is. Make sure the pointy tips are cut off so there is a flat edge on each cut piece. Cut one toothpick piece 5/8 inches long for the neck. Then cut two pieces of toothpick 3/8 inches long and two pieces 1/4 inch long. These four pieces will be the ears and antlers of the reindeer. Make one end of each of the four antler pieces pointy and one end flat.

    • 2). Glue two of the cut leg pieces to the front of the spool, right along the lower front edge. Space them about ¼ inch apart and angled out so the reindeer will be able to stand. Repeat with the back two legs in the back of the spool.

    • 3). Glue the neck piece in the middle of the front of the spool across the hole and standing straight up. This is going to hold the cork head. Then poke a hole in the fat side of the cork about an 1/8 inch down the cork and insert the open neck end with a little glue on the end to secure it.

    • 4). Stick the two longer antler pieces at the fat end of the side of the cork on the top of the head. Stick the pointy ends of the cut pieces into the cork head. Place them about ½ inch apart, angled out away from the side of the head. Put the two shorter ear pieces inside the longer antler pieces about an 1/8 inch apart.

    • 5). Make the face. Glue the twi eyes on the cork head, one in front of each ear and antler pair. Space the eyes about an 1/8 inch apart from each other. Then glue the seed bead at the front smaller end of the cork head so it stands right on the edge. This is the nose. Draw a mouth on the small front end of the cork with a fine-tipped marker.

    • 6). Cut a piece of the white or off-white embroidery floss or yarn 3/8 inch long. Glue it in the open hole at the back end of the spool. This is the reindeer’s tail. Then unravel the piece to make the tail fluffy.

    • 7). Tie a small bow with the an 1/8-inch red ribbon around the toothpick neck of the reindeer. Now the reindeer is all done and ready to put on the tree. They can stand on their own if you want to use them on a mantel or table.

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