I Dare You - 30 Sealed Seductions

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Susie Bright brings her years of investigation into sexual pleasure, fun, and creativity to this perfect sexual adventure game. Each of the 30 cards in this beautifully produced box contain a suggested "seduction" crafted by Bright to maximize possibilities and inspire exploration and sexual creativity. Each seduction opens up a world of sexual possibility and a thousand sexual conversations, without judgment or pedantry.

Risqué, respectful, and ultimately just a rollicking good time, I Dare You is perfect for couples of all stripes who want to expand their sexual horizons and have hot fun sex while their doing it.

  • At last, sex tips that are applicable to people of all orientations and genders!
  • Beautifully presented in a hinged box with ribbon and velvet like insides.
  • Seductions are innovative and fun, but also practical and relevant.
  • Offers ideas but doesn’t spoon-feed, relies on your individual creativity.

  • Probably not suitable for couples who are experiencing significant sexual difficulties, it's a game.

  • Nicely produced gift box with thirty cards each sealed in their own envelope.
  • Each card prompts you to tell your partner something “tell me…” or do something sexual with your partner “I dare you to…”
  • Prompts range in intensity of sharing and sexual exploration from mild to hot.
  • Cards can easily be used again as each partner will respond to the seduction prompt in very different ways.

Guide Review - I Dare You - 30 Sealed Seductions

Is there a difference between sexual ideas that come from the genuine pursuit of sexual knowledge and pleasure and those that come from a marketing team or wannabe TV sexpert? You bet there is.

Susie Bright has devoted her adult life to learning more about sex and the human condition, and sharing her discoveries not only with friends and lovers but also with the general public through her non-fiction writing and work as an editor of erotica. For open minded and openhearted sexual exploration, you’ll find no better guide than Susie Bright.

With I Dare You Bright has turned her years of sexual introspection and learning into what are on the surface quickie sex suggestions. The luxe box contains thirty sealed envelopes. In each envelope a card, or seduction in the parlance of the product, suggests something to either share verbally with your partner (“Tell me…”) or something to do with your partner (“I dare you …”).

The seductions present a wide range of challenges, from disclosing fantasies to exploring sensation play, from fun with take-out food to delving into music and sex. What’s so unique about I Dare You is that it seems to be all about the sexual acts, but in fact it calls on you to share your sexual creativity with a partner.
In this way I Dare You is everything you need to shake up your sex life, and nothing more. Bright’s suggested seductions act like a sexual fairy godmother. They put you in the mood, get you ready for the ball, even walk you right up to the door; but you’ve got to step out of the pumpkin carriage on your own.
In the end, sexual sharing and risks that are fuelled by your creativity and passion are far more fun, revealing, and hot than the paint-by-numbers approach of most sex games on the market. I Dare You does require a little sexual trust and an adventurous spirit but with the right partner, the payoff is absolutely worth the risk.

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