So, You Want to Learn to Pick Up Women

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If you want to learn to pick up women you may actually want to take a few hints from some of the self proclaimed pick up artists.
Just make sure that they are actually successful pick up artists first.
Every one of these artists do seem to know exactly how important confidence can be, as a woman can usually get a pretty good idea of your confidence level before you ever even approach her.
A few ways to accomplish this is through your attire, as fashion still plays a big role.
Make sure though, that you strike a balance between looking good and feeling comfortable.
Another rule to keep in mind, as you continue to learn to pick up women is to remember to groom yourself.
One major turn off for women is men that smell bad or those that do not brush their teeth; you would be amazed at the number of men that forget to do, this which most of the time results in losing the girl before they have a chance to dazzle her.
Your posture is another area to work on as you continue to learn to pick up women; women tend to avoid guys that walk with their shoulders slouched or their head down.
When a guy walks around with their head held high and their shoulders straight it gives them an air of confidence along with self awareness which women truly love.
One of the last tips that will help you to learn to pick up women is to improve your eye contact; this does not mean staring at her with the look of a psychopath, just simple eye contact that helps to create a comfortable level between the both of you.
So there you have it.
These few simple tips can aid you in picking up women greatly.
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