18 Ways to Engage Children to Healthy Foods

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My five year old daughter has invented a new sandwich last week: mozzarella with sliced green grapes on whole wheat pita.
What a delight! This was our sandwich evening, always a popular event with us.
I serve different kinds of breads, cheeses, vegetables and lean protein and everyone creates their own meal.
Our evening sandwich is one of the ways in which our children are the direct experience of food.
There are lots of other ways to get kids interested in healthy eating.
Here are some suggestions to try.
Go shopping Take your children to the grocery shopping.
The grocery store can use dynamic class where courses in mathematics, reading, geography and science take their sense of fun and interesting way.
Anyone can: - Choose a new fruit or vegetable never tried looking on the internet and a recipe for preparing - Learn the difference between everyday foods such as apples and treats like cookies - Work as a team to put in the truck four food groups of Canada's Food Guide.
For younger children: - Make a treasure hunt to find the foods your shopping list - Guessing in the colored section of fruits and vegetables - Perform the arithmetic summing articles placed in the carriage.
For larger: - Read ingredient lists and Nutrition Facts Table - Use their mathematical skills to find out what the most expensive among the carrots in bulk and bagged - Learn about local and imported foods.
Let them prepare a list of foods from various countries and then look on a globe or atlas online.
Ask the children how the food arrives and how far it can cost.
Make cooking Children who spend more time cooking tend to choose more variety of foods and are better equipped to make healthy food choices.
In addition, the sharing of culinary tasks gives you the chance to talk about the tastes and preferences, especially with the more difficult, which may well try foods they have chosen for the recipe to which they contributed.
Let your kids cook.
For younger children: - Learn how to prepare a simple sandwich - Garnish pizza - Peel Lettuce - Measure and pour ingredients - Mix the ingredients together For larger: - Learn to peel, chop and shred ingredients - Boil water to make pasta - Choose and prepare complete recipes: try our vegetarian chili coconut, the ginger chicken and orzo soup and cranberry muffins surprise.
Children who learn how to prepare themselves meals develop a sense of independence and a positive self-image.
But what if you do not cook? How to teach your children? Start with a reliable cookbook and choose simple recipes and basic techniques.
Search internet for healthy recipes for kids to taste or take a cooking class with your children.
Many community centers and grocery stores offer affordable courses that welcome children.
Learn something new together!
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