Instructions for the Origami Double Hearts Dollar

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    • 1). Place the bill horizontally with the face side down. Fold the bill horizontally in half so that the face side is now visible. Take the open edge at the bottom of the folded bill and fold it upwards toward the first crease made. The underside of the bill should now be visible. Do the same with the other horizontal edge of the bill. Only the underside of the bill should now be visible.

    • 2). Unfold the bill, and place it horizontally with the face side down. Fold each corner in towards the center line (the first crease made), so that the corners of the face side are visible.

    • 3). Unfold everything and place the bill face side down. Fold the top and bottom of the horizontal edges of the bill in towards the center crease; the underside of the bill should be all that is visible. It will look like a long, rectangular, sideways door.

    • 4). With the open side of the bill facing upwards, slide your finger into the bottom of the top left hand corner, and fold backward along the upper diagonal crease. The diagonal crease is the crease made from folding the corners of the bill. Do this with the bottom left hand corner. Repeat on both the top and the bottom of the right hand side. There should be a point on either side of the bill. This should leave you with two points on either end, with a long rectangular passage in between them, and only the face side should be visible.

    • 5). Fold both points over towards the side of the bill with the open edge. Fold the point over so that the bottom rectangular portion of the point created by the fold backwards in step four is split in half.

    • 1). Unfold so that the crease from the above step is visible. Slide your finger along the open edge of the rectangle made by the crease in step six to make a small tent, showing the underside of the bill. Flatten the top of the tent so that it makes a triangle with the face side of the bill, and one small square and a perpendicular triangle underneath. The small square and the perpendicular triangle should show the underside of the bill. Do this with the bottom half of the bill. and repeat for the opposite side.

    • 2). Fold the small squares in half on the diagonal so that only the face side is visible. The fold should make the small square into a small perpendicular triangle. Do this for all four small squares created by the previous step. Fold the tips made by the folded square and the upper triangle over just a little. Repeat this on all four points made.

    • 3). Turn the bill over so that the open side is face down and fold the left hand point to the right, following the crease that was made in the first point fold-over. This makes your first heart. Do this also for the right hand side, folding the point to the left.

    • 4). Turn the whole thing over so that the hearts are facing the table, and the open edge is again visible. Take the top curve of the left hand heart and fold it over diagonally so that the fold matches the bottom edge of the heart. One heart should now be face up, and the other should be face down. Make sure the bill is facing with the open edge up, and repeat on the opposite side.

    • 5). With both hearts face down on the table, fold both sides inwards at the same time, so that the bottom edges of the hearts meet together in the center. Turn the hearts over, with them facing down on the table, and fold the bottom triangular portion upwards to hide it behind the hearts.

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