How to Pack Your Jewelry for a Trip

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Packing for a trip, whether for an extended vacation or a short business trip, is an important part of your travel planning and can make the difference in whether you have a great time or end up wishing you had planned better.
Depending on what the purpose of your trip is, there will be various items that you must pack.
Personal items such as clothes, shoes, toiletries,a computer, and a digital camera are rather typical things that most people pack, no matter where they're going.
Keep Jewelry Safe and Handy Of course, jewelry is another very important thing that most people include, especially on extended trips, since they will be changing clothes more often and attending various events.
Be sure to pack your jewelry correctly to keep it safe, clean and handy throughout your travels.
Here are several ways that you can pack your jewelry for a trip.
Best Packing Options for Your Jewelry One of the easiest ways to pack your jewelry, is with a typical jewelry organizer that comes with a hanger.
You can separate your jewelry in various zippered compartments, which keeps them from becoming tangled.
After packing your rings, watches, earrings, necklaces and other personal accessories, you can easily roll or fold the case up and snap or tie it shut.
When you reach your destination, it's easy to open and hang it on a closet rod or in the bathroom for easy access.
Most are made with clear vinyl windows inside so that you can see all your jewelry at a glance.
They easily fit inside just about any kind of luggage you may use, from a hard suitcase to a duffle bag.
Another great way to pack for an extended vacation, is to use a travel jewely box that is designed to keep your jewelry organized and safe during travel, but also can be used to open up on a dresser or chest when you arrive.
It keeps your jewelry on hand and can also hold several pieces of jewelry that you may need over a longer period of time.
This type of travel jewelry storage is generally shut with a latch and may have a locking mechanism, which is an additional safety measure during trips.
A third way to pack your jewelry when you travel, is to select a portfolio style travel case.
These are designed for smaller amounts of jewelry, but also are exceptionally easy to use and pack in your luggage or briefcase.
They are sometimes made in Italian leather, vinyl, brocade or other fabrics.
They are very useful for packing your most important pieces of jewelry when you travel and are suitable for both men and women.
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