Organic Mosquito Repellant - Citronella Grass

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House pests like insects can inflict great damage to your home but more importantly, it can also cause serious diseases.
One of the most dangerous insects that we have to live with are mosquitoes.
Let us learn more about mosquito and how it can be naturally prevented from spreading deadly diseases.
With regards to insect related illnesses, health experts reveals that mosquitoes are the biggest factor in human deaths for centuries.
Medical records shows the cycle of mosquito-born diseases from malaria up to today's deadly dengue fever.
Other conditions brought by this blood sucking, flying little insects are filaria, yellow fever and brain fever.
We all know that these insects reproduce through stagnant water that can be found anywhere within your household.
The bite can inflict skin irritations which includes swelling, itching and redness of the skin.
Insecticides and other chemically produced insect repellants are easily available in local supermarkets and convenience stores.
But these products also pose health risks such as lung diseases, headache and even cancers.
These products are also not ideal for the environment.
Plus, insects like mosquitoes develops a unique resistance to these insecticides making them immune.
In recent recorded medical condition of mosquito plaque, India has the worst case with over two million malaria cases each year and dengue is second.
Millions of dollars are spent for various programs are launched like mosquito education and awareness, just to lessen the case of mosquito victims.
The main causes of mosquito infestations are poor environmental sanitation and low hygiene lifestyle of the people.
Clean environment is the best way to prevent any mosquito-born disease outbreak.
So what is the best natural way to get rid of mosquitoes? Fortunately, there is a natural way to solve this problem.
A grass called Cintronella Grass are said to effectively repel mosquitoes from your backyard and inside your home.
What is Citronella Grass? This grass is a tropic plant which usually grows over 6 feet tall.
Citronella are processed to produce oils, which are used in candles and lanterns to naturally repel mosquitoes.
Citronella oil are also used as an ingredient in soaps and perfume products because of its aromatic smell.
Once you get hold of this grass, you may plant it into your backyard and let it grow.
Once the grass is matured, you may now place it to the interior part of your house like comfort room, dining and living room.
It is best to place this grass in dark places where mosquitoes congregate.
Citronella Grass is a world renowned natural mosquito and insect repellant.
Plus, it provides no health side effects and an earth-friendly method of getting rid of pests.
If you are looking for the best organic and alternative way in repelling mosquitoes and other known insects, then plant citronella grass now and make your house mosquito free!
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