Sunday School Crafts - 3 Ideas For Adding Creativity to Your Lessons

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Children's church is a place for children of all ages to learn about the teachings of the Bible and the beliefs of their church.
Sunday school crafts help to make the learning process a fun and creative one.
Bee Thumb-Body Church Craft This craft reiterates the teaching that all children are special with Jesus.
First, you will need to gather the supplies, which include: a stamp pad and ink, markers, glue sticks, white and yellow construction paper, soap and water for clean-up.
Before your class starts, write "I can bee thumb-body with Jesus" across the top of pieces of white construction paper.
When you're ready to begin the Bible craft, help the kids in your class use the ink pad to make a variety of thumbprints on their construction paper.
Next, help them glue on "wings" (ovals cut from the yellow construction paper) to create their bees.
Now, the children in your Sunday school class can decorate their bees by drawing stingers, feelers and body decorations.
God's Rainbow Bible Craft For this Sunday school craft, you'll need paper plates and as many crayons and markers as you can get.
Before class starts, cut arches out of the paper plates-the goal is to make shapes that resemble a rainbow.
Write "God keeps His promises" on each rainbow with a black marker.
Supply the pre-made rainbows to the children of your class, and have them decorate and color their rainbow how they see fit.
You may want to create a rainbow along with the children in order to show them how to use one color at a time to create a colorful rainbow.
The point of this Sunday school activity is to supply the children with something they can look at daily to remind them that God will always keep His promises.
Wristband Bible Activity You'll need a stapler, construction paper, markers and decorating materials for this Sunday school craft.
Have your class cut the paper into two-inch strings.
Then help them write "With God All Things Are Possible!" across their paper strip.
Give them some time to decorate their wristband, and then staple the paper together around their wrist.
This wristband will be a great item for them to take home from Sunday school.
These are just three of the many different church crafts you can share with your class.
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