Hair Removal, Men, and Safety

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There are some tools that are just too dangerous to use for hair removal.
Men may tough it out with scissors, but they were never meant to be stuck in your body's orifices, even if the blades do a fine job of cutting hair.
You want a sharp tool that cuts hair not one that ends up being a nose and ear trimmer instead.
Eyebrow pluckers work great for eyebrows, but the lining of the nose is very sensitive and it's also not a good idea to use them.
The very best tool to use is a nose and ear hair trimmer especially designed for the job.
Let's take a close look at why a tool that seems like it might work, can actually cause more damage than it's worth.
Scissors Whether they are sewing scissors or blunt-nosed scissors, they each have their own problems.
Scissors with a sharp point can easily injure the inside or your nose and ears with any sudden movements.
Cutting nose and ear hair is a delicate operation and you don't want to end up puncturing an ear drum just because you have unsteady hands or something startles you when you're trying to groom yourself.
Blunt-nosed scissors may not cause as much serious injury, but just how long will it take to get all the hairs? They're not as effective as a nose hair clipper that works for hair removal.
Men need something with an automatic blade that cuts around the cavity of the nose without harming it.
Eyebrow Pluckers These may seem to be working great, but they're actually going to cause you lesions inside the nasal cavity and have a high potential for infection.
When hair is plucked from the nose and ears, it's not only painful, but breaks the surface of the skin.
In the inside of the nose, it's very delicate skin and has mucous in the lining.
This can provide just the right environment to start an infection.
It's best to leave the nose and ear trimmer hair grooming to the right instruments.
Hair Removal Men's Nose Hair Clippers These neither have sharp points that can cause you injury, nor are they going to break the skin, or be extremely painful when you operate them.
Instead, a good nose and ear trimmer for hair is going to be a pleasure to use compared with the other alternatives.
Some are waterproof, also giving you the ability to do some of your nose hair grooming in the shower.
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