A Good Credit Score And How To Keep It

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What is credit score? It is what tells your creditor whether you will be able to pay of your loan and also decides if you will have a high or low interest rate. It consists of three numbers. If your credit score is low, then there is every possibility that your loan application will be disapproved, of course you will not want this to happen, but your loan application will only be approved if you have a good credit score.

A good credit score is 700 or higher, this is stated by experts. This is not a unrealistic figure to achieve as statistics have shown that 60% of people are able to do this. The thing you must do to get this number is pay your bills on time which includes credits cards and other loans that you have had in the past. By doing this you will stop yourself incurring any penalties that will be reflected and lower your credit report.

Why are some people not able to get a good credit score? This may be that they have been unable to pay there bills on time or have not paid a loan back as it was scheduled. If this is so then the amount of money they owe begins to accumulate. This often happens because of some peoples uncontrollable urge to shop, while watching the interest grow on there debts.

Those who ignore calls or any mail from there bank or loan company will be dubbed as unpaid. This information is posted on your credit report, so lenders which you might approach in the future will already be careful of coming to an loan agreement with you.

Basically to obtain a good credit score, you have to pay your debts. Cutting down on your expenses, working overtime, even getting a second job and selling some stuff can be a help, but normally it is not enough. This is why it is always best to talk to your creditors so an arrangement can be made with them.

Another option could be to borrow money from friends and relatives. The main benefit by doing this, is that they hopefully will not charge you any interest. But remember if you do not repay them you will lose the only people you can turn to if you have a problem.

You could receive a good credit score if you are able to monitor your expenses. One piece of advice that a lot of experts say is that if you have a credit card, you should only use up about 25% of the limit. To avoid interest, make sure that you pay the whole amount and not just the minimum at the end of the month.

A good credit score should be at least 700 and above is even better. This will mean you are able to get loans at a low interest rate. Always remember, you may be doing well this year, but things can always change over the next 12 months. So if you wish to keep things as they are, monitor where your money is going, because when it comes to overspending, there is no one to blame except yourself.
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