How to Give Yourself 360 Waves

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    • 1). Shampoo and condition your hair. Air dry with a towel, if necessary.

    • 2). Apply a generous amount of moisturizer (about the size of a silver dollar) to your entire head and massage it into your scalp.

    • 3). Brush your hair, starting at the top area and continuing in a downward, even spiral for 20 minutes.

    • 4). Soak your towel in warm water for five to ten minutes. Wring the towel out well.

    • 5). Lay the towel on your hair for approximately two minutes. Apply pressure to the towel with your hands to ensure that your hair is soft and moistened, then remove the towel.

    • 6). Repeat Step 3 for at least ten minutes.

    • 7). Wrap your hair with a "du-rag" before going to bed in order to prevent your wave pattern from deforming.

    • 8). Repeat steps 1 to 7 for a month, shampooing and conditioning your hair once a week.

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