Get Blog Traffic - Why a Few Bloggers Get Most of the Traffic (And How You Too Can Join Them)

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Problogger gets blog traffic in the millions every single month without fail.
If you study the blog site well, you will find that any post being made on the blog will always provoke around 40 comments at the very least.
This means that there are many more people who read Problogger without leaving a comment.
Another high traffic blog, Online Breakthrough, has received over 1 millions readers already.
The traffic per day for this blog should be running into thousands.
There are so many other blogs like the two mentioned above.
And the truth is that they have a secret.
So what do you think the secret is? Why do these people suck in all the traffic while others are struggling to get a few hundred visitors in a month.
A good number of them do what is called article marketing.
But the real secret is this.
They churn out irresistible content and then post it on their blog.
Irresistible content is the real secret behind their huge blog monthly visitors.
Irresistible content is what generates a huge monthly revenue for them.
And you too can create your own irresistible content for massive exposure to your blog starting from now.
Note: By content, I mean articles.
Don't Make Your Readers Think To generate content that readers love, your writing must be crystal clear.
That is, your readers must be able to comprehend what you have written without having to guess twice.
Don't make them think.
Be clear.
Be straight forward.
And give them information that is easy to digest.
No more, no less.
Most importantly, do not trick your readers.
Give them the control and they will give you what you want.
That is, to visit your blog, buy from you, click on your affiliate links, subscribe to your blog, and many more.
Do it any other way and you will drive people away.
Bore readers.
Lose money.
You don't want any of that - do you? Don't Be Flabby That is, don't bit around the bush.
Give readers what they want.
And do it comprehensively.
But don't let "comprehensive" get into you.
Be as brief as possible.
Be concise.
Your sentences should be short and straight to the point.
Any long paragraph should be broken down into shorter ones.
And make sure you weed out unnecessary word.
What will you gain if you don't beat around the bush in your writing? Well at least - you will become a good writer that readers love.
Best of all, writing clear and concise will take you far from being boring.
Be Interesting This is of course very, very important.
Your content must be interesting.
Otherwise, you know what will happen.
It is just like a guy going on a date for the first time with a pretty lady.
If the guy is not interesting or humorous, he his unlikely to win the heart of the lady.
The same also goes for the content that you write.
Your content must be interesting.
It must be able to tap into human mental feelings that pull people into your article whether they like it or not.
Johnny Truant recommends that your article must "uncover what makes your reader tick.
What strokes his ego.
What plucks his gut strings.
What keeps him up at night.
And when you uncover that hot spot, punch it.
" To get blog traffic, your article must be interesting.
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