Treat Angular Cheilitis Using Household Products

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There are numerous misconceptions floating around about angular cheilitis and what it is exactly. At its simplest form, it can be described as a chronic inflammatory condition at the corners of the mouth. It is usually quite painful along with being very unsightly. The condition has also been referred to as perleche by various doctors of dermatology. Symptoms of angular cheilitis are normally cracking and open lesions at the corners of the mouth. Unsightly blisters or pus have also been known to accompany individuals who are suffering an outbreak. These sores can also often appear when the mouth is open too wide or when the infected area has been scraped or cut.

A vitamin B12 deficiency is also one of the known causes of angular cheilitis. If you are lacking in iron and riboflavin, there are chances you will suffer from this skin condition. If you do not have a sufficient supply of iron to aide your immune system, it will normally result in a longer healing process of the lesions and cracks, possibly causing further infection. You can easily prolong the natural healing process of angular cheilitis as well. If you or your children have a habit of picking or scratching at the scabs or the white flaky areas around your mouth, you can make the condition much worse. First the chance of re-infecting the area is very likely due to the constant touching and the amount of germs on your hands.
A continuous occurrence of this condition could also possibly mean you have other underlying health conditions such as an HIV infection. If you're suffering from HIV, your immune system slows down to a crawl and in turn speeds up any infection within the body. It is important to know the causes of angular cheilitis if you do not wish to be bothered by this skin condition.

Your doctor might prescribe antibiotics, either internally or externally. In case of bacterial infection it might be a good idea also to assess your diet given that we know that poor nutrition can weaken the immune system. With a better, healthier diet the immune system can be strengthened and the chance of infections reduced. Eat more vitamins and food that consist of more iron because one of the causes of angular cheilitis is iron deficiency. Try to keep the infected area as dry as possible and do remember to take out dentures before going to sleep and make sure you soak the dentures to make it clean.
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