How to Hook Up With Beautiful Women - How to Stop Feeling Unworthy of Beautiful Women

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She is stunning and flawless: every curve is perfect.
You've seen her but you'd never dare approach her.
No man would, unless he was powerful, famous, or had a Rockefeller-sized bank account.
Her life is perfect, she gets things with one little smile that others have to work long and hard for.
Normal people can't even begin to imagine what her life is like.
She's the perfect Ten.
Well you can calm down right now because this woman does not exist! The thing is that when a guy sees a woman he who is very gorgeous his mind can start to play tricks on him and put her up on a pedestal.
Sometimes he can even start to feel intimidated or unworthy.
Well it's time to relax and learn how to hook up with beautiful women.
Take her down off that pedestal: First step is to stop putting her on a pedestal.
She may be beautiful but she is also human! While beauty is objective to some extent, a large amount is also subjective.
There is no such thing as a woman who every single man on the planet finds incredibly stunning.
To prove this ask some of your friends to rate some Hollywood women, and you may be surprised at how much your opinions differ.
Megan Fox might be a perfect Ten to you but only a 7.
5 to your mate who has a thing for tall tanned blondes.
So do know that that beautiful woman is not so perfectly stunning in the mind of every man out there! When it comes how a woman rates the appearance of a man, it gets even more subjective, which is great news for you! Realize that she's human: Second step is to realize that just because she may be gorgeous does not necessarily mean she is beating men off with a stick day and night! It also doesn't mean her life is perfect and she is never lonely.
Approach her confidently and naturally.
Who knows, you could be The One she's been waiting for.
But you'll never know if you don't take a chance.
Don't act awestruck and start stuttering or showering her with complements.
This will only make her embarrassed and make you come off as weak or pathetic.
Get to know her for more than just her physical attributes.
Save the complements for after the first couple of dates.
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