Different Heating Options to Consider

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With manufacturers like Hamilton, Maxx, Cadet, King, Trane, and Reznor on the market, it's difficult to decide on a heating option.
Where are you going to need to warm up? If you're going to be inside a house or other residential space like an apartment, and electric wall or baseboard type is your only option.
Don't even consider any other device.
However, if you're going to be outdoors, like on your patio at night, then you might want to look into different types.
You still can get electric types, though you might be better off with a type of fuel like propane or kerosene.
They even have natural gas types if that would suit you better.
Electric would not be very effective here, unless of course you had a radiant heating model (as radiant heaters only heat nearby objects, rather than the air around them).
You might be wondering about portable electric types, but they are still better suited for indoors.
If you're in a hybrid type space (like a warehouse, for example), then you need to get an extra powerful heater to cover all the space (depending on the size of the structure, of course).
Forced air is the best option for this application, as it sucks air in and spits the heat out all over.
The downside to these is the fact that they're usually more expensive and a lot louder due to the fan blades spinning so rapidly.
How about to warm a garage? What types of heaters do people use there? That's a great question, and that is why they have specially designed garage heaters.
They are usually radiant, as you don't want to waste energy heating the whole area.
If you do need warmth in your garage, it's usually because you have something you need to do in it.
In that case, you'd be the only thing that needs heat.
So be careful to select the right type of heater for your application.
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