Cheap Arai Helmets that Gives Off Utmost Protection

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When you're looking for cheap arai helmets, you can get the protection you need without having to break your piggy bank when you pick the open face edition. Contrary to what people believe where you don't really get ample protection wearing helmets like these, you actually do. You just have to look at how the helmet was made and make sure that it meets the standards of safety that authorities have set like the shell construction with open face helmets from arai.

With this shell construction, you're wearing something fiberglass-based on your head. Run into any accident and the force of the impact will be distributed through the helmet without you suffering an injury to your head. Another great feature of these cheap arai helmets is that you get custom fit through the use of replaceable ear cups. Go with a specific thickness and you've got the comfort you've been looking for in a motorcycle protective head gear. In line with style, you have multiple choices of colors to choose from. There's the candy spectra red, pearl twilight silver, pearl black and the pearl glacier white.

On the other hand, shoei hornet brand comes in three different choices. You can have the Hornet DS, the Gnouble or the Cluster. The Hornet DS is ideal for rugged terrain motorcycle sports. It's a full face helmet that can provide you with utmost protection. If you have hunger for speed or want to try out your hand at motocross endurance races, the Hornet DS is a very good choice.

As for the Gnouble, this comes in a variety of sizes so this means that you won't have a hard time finding one that exactly fits your head. The shell structure is made of advanced integrated matrix with complex layers of strong glass fiber. Clearly, this is the type of protection you want on your motorcycle helmet. If you pick the shoei hornet cluster edition, you pretty much get the same protection as the Gnouble and the Hornet DS. The only difference is the contour and the design. If you want to elicit some head turns while riding along downtown, this is the helmet you should be wearing.

Get protected while riding your motorcycle and at the same time ride in style with stunning graphic designed helmets. If you want it cheap and if you want it with quality, the names to look for would be arai and shoei. Picking these two types of helmets, you'll know that you made the right choice!

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