Scary Halloween Characters

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Halloween is a tradition that started hundreds of years ago by the Celts. Hallween was a celebration of the new year, November 1. This was officially marking the end of the harvest and summer and mark the beginning of the winter. The night before the new year, October 31, was considered the night that dead and living were able to cross boundaries. The Druid priests built huge bonfires in order to make sacrifices to the deities to help them get through the winter. They also used this time to celebrate and dress up in costumes made of skins and heads of animals. The people also became fortune tellers and told each others future. 

 Scary Halloween characters are a big part of the Halloween tradition. These characters have been passed down from generation to generation as being true to the dark side to Halloween. A big part of Halloween is spent on being the scariest looking creature around. Creatures like witches, goblins, werewolves, and vampires are some of the scary costumes being used on Halloween. These characters have been around for hundreds of years and people find more creative ways to modernize them.

There are many stories and myths surrounding these characters and how they walk among humans. Many people enjoy bringing theses characters to life during the Halloween night. People dress up and become these scary characters. There are movies and shows devoted to some of these characters. 

Movies have become a big part of bringing scary Halloween characters to life also. Movies classics such as Rocky Horror Picture Show, Chainsaw Massacre, A Night On Elm Street, or Candyman have people dressing up in costumes to fit these gruesome characters. People even dress up as celebrities as well and as we all know some celebrities can be very scary to look upon. 

There really is no personality out of bounds when it comes to being a scary Halloween character. People really enjoy the festive atmosphere that Halloween brings and enjoy dresssing up as characters that are creative and unique in many ways. Halloweenwill always be a traditon that will never go away because people enjoy dressing up in costumes and trying to out scare the next person.
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