Durable Heart Pine Flooring

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If a pine tree was a Hollywood actor, it would be Clint Eastwood.
It is the rough and tumble wood that grows best in the world's harshest environments, the cold, the icy, the dry, the: you name it-pine grows well in environment.
Take it; cut it down; cleave it into planks; sand it; sand it again and reveal what has been hidden inside all along.
You will find a soft wood, pliable, tender and full of character.
How does pine do it? Only pine will ever know.
For the countless thousands of homes built between the thirties and sixties, heartwood pine flooring was the material of choice.
From a manufacturing standpoint the tree grows quickly.
It is easy to cut and cheap to manufacture.
Because it needs fewer resources than other woods such as oak and walnut, it can be produced ready for use at a bare minimum of cost.
Therefore, it can be purchased inexpensively too.
Unfortunately, some people have begun to criticize the wood as being overly-cheap and classless.
This is not true.
Pine has character.
While the wood is prone to knots and often strange graining patterns, those very blemishes make it a perfect story piece.
Additionally, heart pine is the cleanest cut from the tree.
It has characteristically fewer knots than other cuts but still expresses the oddly flowing grain that is distinctive of the wood.
If you have bought a vintage house and carpet covers every square foot of floor, take a peek below the surface.
You may be excited to see that the original floor was heart pine.
If that is the case, you can easily remove the carpet, sand down the flooring and finish it to a brilliant luster.
If you are thinking about installing wood flooring in your home, consider heart pine.
Of all the woods, it has the most character and can be installed at a minimum of impact to your wallet.
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