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SIM free phones are the fully unlocked devices which you can purchase directly without any network service providing company getting involved. These devices however need a service provider to fully utilize the potential of the smartphones. Sim only deals are the specific offers which are to be used with the sim free devices. It is upon your specific needs and choice that you can chose between either pay as you go sim only deals or sim only contract deals. With the payg sim only deals you get an initial benefit over the connection and then you have to recharge your account and use it. The plan however are non contractual and you are free to use your handset with any of the service provider you wish to. These deals so have the extra benefit of freedom that is absent with other mobile phone plans. However you can get devices of all the popular brands in their sim free module.

This format of devices are also available along with the handset that are having the deals, so that you can choose whatever you need. This format of handset are fully unlocked so that you have the advantage of choosing the best of network or at least the favorite of yours over the favorite of your handset.

Sim free phones are however available with certain sim only deals from leading network carriers. But these sim only plans are of contractual nature and are of 12 months or of more duration. The online stores of the brands manufacturing the devices or the web portals that keep track over telecommunication market has all the latest and upcoming of handsets featured on their interface. These devices thus can be browsed according to the specific category that they belong to and hence you can even compare between the deals that are offered over the latest of cheap sim free phones. These sites also gives you an insight over the best and most competitive of sim free phones. The sim free deals attached to the devices you are browsing are also reflected so that you can pick the best sim free phone with most lucrative deal over the interface of these sites.
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