How to Choose the Best Burley Bike Trailer for Your Lifestyle

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It is difficult to duplicate the versatility and convenience offered by a quality bike trailer like the Burley bike trailer.
If you are a bike rider who likes to exercise with your family, bike to work, enjoys long distance cycling, or desires to bring the family pet on a ride, then the Burley line of bicycle trailers has options that will suit most lifestyles.
All you really need to know in order to choose a Burley bike trailer is your purpose for the trailer, your budget and any attachments you may want.
Basically, there are four types of trailers which are described below along with the various models currently available.
Burley Bike Trailers for Children Five different models are designed as child bike trailers.
They come in one or two seat styles and have a weight capacity up to 100 pounds.
No matter how you use it, your children are riding in a carrier that is developed to provide the most comfortable ride possible.
The models include the Cub, Bee, Encore, D'Lite and Solo trailers.
The Cub and Bee are great for those on a budget, but don't want to forgo safety and durability.
The Encore is a mid-range carrier that is ideal for those that are active, but don't need all the bells and whistles of the higher end models like the D'Lite and Solo.
The D'Lite is the top-of-the-line child trailer.
The Solo, is the single-seat, lighter version of the D'Lite (minus the suspension hardware).
Burley Bike Trailer in a Commuter Model The innovative Travoy bicycle trailer helps you do more on your bike.
It provides a safe, convenient way to carry up to a 60 pound load.
The trailer has greater stability than typical panniers or backpacks.
When you get to your destination, you can convert it to a rolling handcart to take with you.
Believe it or not, it folds to the size of a briefcase for storage! A cargo bag comes standard with the Travoy that also serves to store the folded trailer.
Bulky loads can be fastened with the included tie-down straps.
A new type of hitch assembly also comes standard with the trailer.
Haul Cargo Easily with a Burley Bike Trailer Cargo trailers are available in two styles, the Flatbed and Nomad.
The Flatbed is the no-frills alternative and can pull up to 100 pounds easily.
Trips to the lumber yard or landscape nursery are easy with the open front and back design to haul larger loads.
The trailer is kept upright and stable with the two-wheel design.
To keep loads secure, two adjustable tie-down straps are included with the cargo trailer.
The Nomad is the high-end cargo trailer and is designed particularly for touring.
Your long distance cruising will be comfortable and enjoyable with the weatherproof cover and ample cargo capacity.
The cargo space is 105 L, can carry up to 100 pounds, and the best part is that it weighs less than 15 pounds! The bike trailer attaches speedily and effortlessly with a hitch that is designed to provide superior tracking and stability.
Burley Bike Trailer to Include Your Pet in the Fun Perfect for pet lovers! You can feel calm after securing your pet in this trailer.
The Tail Wagon is the ideal way for four-legged family members to be included in cycling adventures.
The trailer can be altered to bring large or small pets up to 22 pounds, and has a flip-down door for easy loading.
To make clean-up simple, the trailer has a suspended and removable floor.
Want to walk or jog with your pet instead? The pet trailer is compatible with stroller kits.
Choosing a Burley bike trailer really is as simple as deciding on just a few factors.
Generally, if you know your purpose and budget you can easily select the bike trailer that is right for you.
No matter which style or model you select, you won't be disappointed since Burley offers quality, durable trailers and has a high level of customer satisfaction.
Want more information to help you select the best Burley bike trailer for you, then visit my blog.
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