You Can & Will Become Everything You Want !(part 2 Of 2)

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(That Is Why I Strongly Advise Everyone To Develop Insight & Wisdom)

Throughout History we, as a civilization (not the 1st & we'll not be the last) have experienced a lot of war & unimaginable savagery inflicted upon us by leaders of various groups of individuals - who for various reasons - usually motivated by greed or fear - invaded the homes & lands of other people outside of their particular group.

Eventually entire countries came to be controlled by a single ruler & his family. Yes we know all this - I hear you say - the point I'm making is that throughout our development from primitive man - to the present day Society "needed organising". OK - the people should be protected from criminals, con men & fraudsters.- if they are to remain peacefully productive & therefore valuable to that society. But in reality - what has happened - & we all know this to be true - it's no great revelation !

"The Scum" - "Top Drawer" - murderers, thieves, con men, liars & deceivers(aka "Politicians") have "taken control" of our societies & are only interested in the population as a farmer is interested in the crops in his field. He'll keep 'em watered & fed - maybe - that will "keep 'em fertile" & produce more workers & eventual taxpayers. Then "the dictators" will waste that money waging war to try & grab or destroy other peoples property Supposedly - in the West - "we " have developed "Democracy" - supposed to be"Government by the people, for the people" etc etc. "Ouch!"

Have we been connned ? Have we been deceived ? You be the judge of that !

Nowadays we have allowed vicious unthinkng warmongers such as "our own" Phony Tony, George Bush & (in the news right now) - Robert Mugabe (another national dictator - Black "Gold") who has evidently had "Phony - - Tony" on his "payroll" for a long time --- " very crafty fellow this Mugabe chappee" - - "much low cunning - he very clever ". Far craftier - than "Our Tone". Personally I "believe" Tone is the "pits" - he was & still is as far as western politics go ----- for years now I've been saying "Our Tone & Mugabe - are like peas in the same pod" - "Our Tone" - if left to his own devices would flush this land of ours - down the pan -- pdq - for purposes of his own greed. He is (in actual fact) The Enemy Of The People - a despicable article. So many people were deceived by Blairs shallow & deceitful mannerisms, his plastic smile & phony "bon homie" - the mark of a despicable ar---ticle in thought,word & deed ! A being devoid of anything admirable - a traitor - no more no less. I say again - you be the judge of circumstance - Its your life, your future & your opinion that counts.

Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward, what holds you back and choose the path that leads to wisdom.
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