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Facial hair growth can be the cause for acute embarrassment to a woman.
Today's society is obsessed with body image.
This has led to the growth of a multi million dollar body hair removal industry.
The various solutions now available can be confusing.
Just which are some of the more effective methods of facial hair removal? Probably the most cost effective are the depilatory creams.
These are normally available in the form of a gel or aerosol.
The cream works by chemically reacting with the protein of the hair which can then be easily wiped away.
Depilatory creams are effective in removing the hair at the skin line but rarely last more than a few days.
The process generally needs repeating every three to five days.
In recent years waxing had become very popular.
Hot wax is applied to the area where hair is to be removed.
The wax is then pulled away from the face removing the hair with it.
Generally speaking it will be four to six weeks before the process needs repeating again.
Sugaring is a similar method to waxing.
A syrup like ball of sugar, lemon juice and water is placed on the skin where the hair is to be removed.
The ball is then removed quickly taking the hair out at the root.
Many women find sugaring a good alternative to waxing which can often cause bumps and redness to the skin.
Some women find beaching can be an effective method of making facial hair less visible.
Obviously this method doesn't actually involve hair removal itself, only the light bleaching of the hair.
It's usually effective for around three weeks.
Although some females do shave facial hair it is not usually regarded as an effective method of hair removal in woman.
It many cases it can cause the hair to grow back even darker and needs to be carried out on a daily basis.
More costly than the other methods, laser hair removal is widely considered to be the most effective solution of all.
It guarantees an extended period of freedom from unwanted facial hair.
It normally takes a few sessions of treatment to achieve the desired effect.
Unwanted facial hair can be a real problem and finding the right method of hair removal both difficult and time consuming.
What's right for one person my not be suitable for another.
For more detail information visit your local salon or contact your beautician for understanding which of these hair removal treatments would work best for you.
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