Effectively Promoting Your Ebook on Social Networking Sites

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Ebooks and social media are two strong symbols of today's digital world.
Those of us exploring the new territories of ebooks understand that there is a growing market for them, and we feel intuitively that social networking can be a good way to reach a larger readership.
But how does one use social networking sites for eBook marketing? Is it just a matter of having accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn? Well, it helps to have a good eBook promotion strategy and here are some helpful hints: Look Beyond the Gadget As Brian Solis, who is an established thought leader on social media marketing, puts it "Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.
" This is a critical piece of advice for anyone trying to promote anything on the web.
So, while the idea is to sell a new format for books, social networking is all about building connections and establishing relationships.
Think Beyond the Number "If you can't sell to 1 in 1000, why market to a million?" asks Seth Godin, the author of Linchpin, as he helps us navigate the marketing potential of social media.
This is an important admonishment for those of us who start fretting about the number of likes, followers or retweets.
Yes, it is helpful to build an audience but ultimately social media networking is about making each connection count.
Move Beyond the Sale It is true that you are promoting your ebook, but it is not necessary to be crassly focused on peddling.
Think like a connector - one who is bringing people to your ebook, a group of like-minded folks who'll appreciate what your eBook has to offer.
You can use Twitter to find others interested in the themes of your eBook and engage in public conversations via retweets or comments.
You can draw people to Facebook by posting links to topics similar to those covered in your ebook.
LinkedIn offers groups, which are a great way of establishing connections with professionals likely to be interested in similar topics.
Google+ circles also allows you to create communities around themes or ideas.
In each of these platforms, you should think way beyond the sale.
It Really is about the Social! By thinking beyond narrow parameters, you can successfully build a community.
When you engage with each member of this community you'll find your potential readers, and also your best marketing tools.
As social media strategist Jay Baer says, "Focus on how to be social, not how to do social.
" Social networking works best when friends make recommendations.
Create a circle of influence via regular comments, replies and engagement and you'll find the impact on the eBook sales!
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