How to Build an Energy-Efficient Computer

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    • 1). Open the front cover of the computer casing and mount the DVD burner and 7200 hard drive in the metal brackets. Using the DVD burner for reading and writing CDs and DVDs allows having one component for multiple functions. And the 7200 hard drive with SATA connection uses less energy, being that SATA is more efficient than the older IDE system. Screw in the burner and hard drive into the bracket and insert into the bay. Close the front panel.

    • 2). Mount the motherboard into the casing by first installing the gold mounting nuts on the computer case. The MicroATX motherboard uses only 20 watts of power. It also has integrated components, a surround sound card and 3D graphics. This means less expansion cards and more energy savings. Next, use the long screws to hold the motherboard in place over the mounting nuts.

    • 3). Install the Energy Plus power supply on the motherboard, using the four mounting screws. An Energy Plus power supply can save 85 kilowatts per hour. This 80 plus-certified power supply unit (PSU) doesn’t run at full capacity unless the computer is drawing the load for heavy component usage, an infrequent event, so the net energy savings is very high. Once the PSU is mounted, do not connect the power supply to the motherboard just yet.

    • 4). Connect the Core 2 Duo processor to the motherboard. This runs 42 percent faster and consumes 40 percent less energy than a comparable Pentium processor. After locking the processor in, connect the PSU cable and the SATA cable from the hard drive. Consult instructions that came with the motherboard for specific cabling directions, then close the computer casing.

    • 5). Plug in the 15-inch LCD monitor, which uses just 23 watts, saving approximately 80 percent of the power used by larger LCD monitors. In addition to saving energy, newer components like the ones used in this machine help classify this as being a green computer, earth-friendly and power lean.

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