How to Decorate an Italian Country Kitchen

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    • 1). Decorate with earthy colors to add warmth to your kitchen. Think of the Italian countryside for a selection of colors. Rich reds, deep greens and light taupe are staples in most Italian kitchens, but don't be afraid to go with colors you enjoy. Alternatives are gray, salmon, Terra cotta and blue. Paint your walls with a warming golden tone to help set the mood and select a primary color along with two or three secondary colors to work with. Use a primary color, such as red, in your window treatments, rugs, cushions and dishware. Use splashes of secondary colors, such as green and cream, in smaller doses around your kitchen

    • 2). Bring texture into your kitchen for an authentic look. Try a Venetian plaster or stucco finish on one of your walls to recreate the Italian country nuance. Use textured rugs and baskets to add interest to shelves. Try a slate counter top for something different. Another option for counter tops is granite. Use wrought iron for a genuine look that enhances the feel of a country kitchen.

    • 3). Install arches in your kitchen if you can. Arches create an ambiance of the ancient world. Remove doors where you can and create Old-World arches to give your kitchen a pleasing doorway. You might even want to install an arch above the kitchen sink window.

    • 4). Decorate with mosaics in your kitchen. Vintage Italian mosaics will brighten your kitchen. It doesn't take much to add flair to your kitchen. A nice framed mosaic or small tabletop is enough to make a difference. For a more personal look, make your own mosaics from broken ceramics and glass pieces to match your décor.

    • 5). Add pottery accents to your kitchen. Terra cotta and rustic-looking urns add character to your kitchen. Majolica is another type of Italian ceramic that is more colorful and will brighten your kitchen. You can find plates, canisters and tiles in folksy style.

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