Ultra Light and Micro Light Aircraft - Helicopters

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Helicopters in the ultra light or micro light aircraft class are very seldom seen compared to all other models.
  Factories in the United Kingdom and United States manufacture kits that can be bought and assembled at home.
Some of them also have affiliate factories in other parts of the world for supply, after sales service or financial reasons.
  The instability of helicopters makes them extremely difficult to fly.
The training program for a helicopter is much more intense than for a winged aircraft.
Some instructors prefer a student to qualify as a winged plane pilot before enrolling as a helicopter pilot student.
  There are many rules and regulations that go with the assembly of the kit as well.
Some technical inspections at certain stages during assembly and after completion have to be conducted.
Without such technically qualified persons in ones area to do the inspections the helicopter can possibly never be completed and tested, training to fly it is the next step.
With the sparse distribution of helicopter expertise, chances are that, in a fairly remote location, a pilot with the proper instruction rating for the newly built helicopter may be very hard to find or not at all.
  With all the hardships overcome, surely the proud owner of an ultra light helicopter will have many hours of great entertainment flying his new aircraft, being able to land almost anywhere and not being dependent on aerodromes.
  The obvious disadvantages that go with ultra light helicopter ownership are the technical complexities, training requirements as well as the considerable higher cost related to the combination of all factors.
  The personal abilities of the owner / pilot will also be of prime importance in the success and safety in the operations with his aircraft.
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