Mimosa Trees & Aphids

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    • Aphids are not listed as a common mimosa problem. Should you find a light infestation of aphids on your tree, wash them off with a strong stream of water from the garden hose. Heavy infestations require insecticide use.

    Other Pests

    • Pests that commonly infest mimosas include bagworms, scale insects, mites and mimosa webworms. Bagworms can be controlled by removing the bags by hand, but other pests must be treated with insecticides.


    • Particularly in the Southeast, mimosa is susceptible to mimosa wilt, a fungal vascular disease that spreads rapidly from tree to tree. Infected trees should be destroyed and replaced by a different type of tree.

    Other Problems

    • Mimosa trees are extremely brittle, making them susceptible to storm damage. The seeds sprout easily enough that the tree is considered an invasive pest in Florida and other parts of its range.

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