How to Make Your Own Pirate Costumes for Kids

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    • 1). Go through your wardrobe and your kids' wardrobes and find old clothes that aren't worn much anymore. If the clothes are big on your kids, they can be modified. Clothing that is too small won't be of any use. Things to look for are loose, pajama type pants, vests, shirts, bandanas, older-style hats and leather belts.

    • 2). Get your kids involved. See what clothing you have that they like, and which ones they don't. Let them be a part of the process. To really stimulate their imagination, find out which member of the pirate crew they are... the captain, the first mate, the lookout, perhaps? Costumes can be adjusted depending on the role that they choose.

    • 3). Begin assembling distinct clothing for overall costumes. For instance, a pirate captain should have a hat, as well as a collared shirt and possibly a vest, along with full length pants and perhaps a pair of boots. A regular crewman on the other hand would have cut off shorts, perhaps beginning to unravel, and a vest or work shirt. Pirates often wore stolen clothing, so only the higher-ups had full, matching suits of clothes.

    • 4). Make modifications so that the larger clothes fit. Pants that are too long should be cut off shorter, and either hemmed or left with the ragged edge out to give it a more official, pirate look. Belts can come in very handy here, both for holding up pants, and as accessories such as bandoliers or sword belts.

    • 5). Add accessories. Bandannas worn around the forehead or around the wrist can easily create a pirate look, as could one worn low over one eye like a make-shift patch. Clip on earrings, particularly hoops, also add a touch of the buccaneer.

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