Lowes Lowers Boom on Muslims

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What's wrong with American Muslims?

Nothing, according to Muslims and Democrat politicians who are incensed over Lowes pulling its ads from The Learning Channel's new reality show, €All American Muslim.€ Something, according to Lowes which makes money when people buy stuff at their home improvement stores but which felt advertising on€All American Muslim€ was counterproductive to its interests.

There are also the questions as to what constitutes worthwhile €learning€ and Muslim realities.

Lowes' apt corporate motto is €Never Stop Improving€ and this week it joined some 75 other advertisers in bailing on sponsoring the show. Some people, including those Democrat pols, attribute Lowes' action to caving to prejudiced, conservative special interest groups, others including the travel website, Kayak.com, to the fact €the show sucked.€

In the interests of full disclosure, I've never seen an €All-American Muslim.€ However, from what I've researched, it does suck and even more relevantly, the Muslims depicted are far from representative of American Muslims. TLC's offering seems more an exercise in propagandistic political correctness than a serious effort at informational entertainment.

There's a major difference between infotainment and infoganda.

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim to serve in Congress who staged a 24 hour hunger strike in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Sreet anarchists, also protested against Lowes saying, €Corporate America needs to take a stand against these anti-Muslim fringe groups and stand up for what is right because this is what it means to be an American.€

Joining Ellison in his righteous indignation were Detroit-area Democrats, the first Bangladeshi-American congressman, Hansen Hashim Clarke, John Dingell, and Gary Peters who expressed dismay over the Florida Family Association's dismay over €All-American Muslim.€

The good congressmen dutifully dispatched a letter to Lowes defending Muslims and their contributions to the nation, without delineating those contributions. They concluded their missive by saying, €We implore you to reconsider your decision and live up to your corporate ideals of diversity and inclusion and the values of tolerance and acceptance that create the foundation of our nation.€

Anymore than Ellison explained how an American corporation refusing to advertise on a television show it felt distorted reality related in any way to €what it means to be an American,€ the other congressmen failed to clarify how supporting intolerance is a building block of America's foundation.

That aside, Ellison's comment regarding alleged €Muslim anti-fringe groups€ and €what it means to be an American€ bears more scrutiny.

The Florida Family Association which organized a wildly-successful petition against TLC's €All-American Muslim€ is a quarter century old organization dedicated to the betterment of life in America. Its mission statement, to €Educate people on what they can do to defend, protect and promote traditional, biblical values,€ is hardly a €fringe€ sentiment.

Toward that end, the FFA has campaigned against what it deems offensive television shows advocating aberrant lifestyles, smutty fare for children, pornography€"as well as Islamic propaganda. The FFA is urging Florida Gov. Rick Scott to order an investigation into whether a Muslim woman's death was due to suicide or to an all-too-common Islamic €honor killing.€

The FFA is no more a €fringe group€ than the Catholic Church, other mainstream religions, or any other institution committed to preserving what's good in and for America and highlighting what isn't. For many reasons, the FFA sees much about €All-American Muslim€ as well as Islamic life, beliefs, and influence in this country as in conflict with our values.

The FFA is as entitled to redress and address issues it perceives as threats to American life and lifestyle as are Democrat congressmen.

The FFA capsulized its opposition to €All-American Muslim€ as follows: €The Learning Channel's new show All-American Muslim is propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims who are advancing Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law.€

For the uninitiated, Sharia law is the moral and religious code derived from Muhammad and the Quran and intended to guide Muslim conduct in everything from sexual intercourse to prayer. Expressing the will of Allah, Sharia, the law by which all Muslims including those in Dearborn, Michigan and in Europe, live, is extremely harsh, grossly intolerant, murderous, and antithetical to virtually all America stands for.

For an extended explication of the true nature of Islam, Muslims, and Sharia€"the bases for the FFA's objections and petition€"see €Top Ten Reasons Why Sharia Is Bad for All Societies€ in AmericanThinker.com.

The FFA has detailed the misrepresentations in €All-American Muslim€ which reveal it to be anything but €all-American:€ €The show profiles only Muslims that appear to be ordinary folks while excluding many Islamic believers whose agenda poses a clear and present danger to liberties and traditional values that the majority of Americans cherish.€

Among those distortions are presenting American Muslims as tolerant and patriotic while denouncing €Islamaphobia€ and omitting references to Sharia's extreme intolerance and discrimination against Christians and even Muslim women who defy its strictures.

As Robert Spencer in Human Events points out, €The show is a bait and switch,€ baiting its hook with wholesome individuals and vignettes of life in Muslim America as it attempts to switch American thinking from an awareness of Muslim jihadist sentiment against the United States.

No one suggests that all Muslims are intent on replicating September 11th, 2001. At the same time, it is patently false and misleading to suggest there isn't widespread anti-American feeling within our Islamic enclaves as well as a commitment to imposing the precepts of un-American Sharia law in, and beyond, those communities.

Just as Lowes should be free not to advertise on TLC, The Learning Channel is free to inaccurately portray life in Muslim America as a modern- day version of Ozzie and Harriet with Abdul as Ozzie and Aishah as Harriet but Aishah's hajib would give away the truth that above all else Muslims are much more Muslim than American. May Allah forbid Aishah ever try to divorce Abdul or their daughters ever attempt to marry an infidel! They could lose their heads!

Various European nations are already experiencing the negative effects and national degradation resulting from foolishly-unforeseen Muslim influence on their culture and national integrity. In publicly exposing what could easily become America's future, the FFA is performing a pre-emptive national rescue.
(See all sources at http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=11016.)

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