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When you are plagued with gas, bloating, constipation or any number of other digestive maladies you want the best prebiotic supplement available. We know that often it is our diet and lack of exercise that has our systems in a flux. Also antibiotic treatments, while curing you, can also cause your digestive system to have severe problems. These antibiotics kill bacteria; this is a good thing until you realize that it does its job indiscriminately. Things like penicillin, amoxicillin and a host of other products that kill infections also kill off the €good bacteria€ that resides in your digestive tract.

Introducing the best prebiotic supplement into your daily diet will help you to get back on track naturally. Generally we tend to believe that if it cost more it is a better item. In this instance value and cost are not interconnected. Many supplement providers that offer low cost prebiotics sometime use synthetic ingredients and fillers. Then there are the extremely pricey products that give you a lot of malarkey about how they use this special process or how they have a special proprietary ingredient all to justify charging you more than the item is worth. Don't be fooled by either of these.

When you are looking to buy the best prebiotic supplement you want to look for one that has facts to back up its claims. First get the clues you need about prebiotics from history. There is a lot known about ancient peoples but nowhere do you read in any medical annals about a lot of the digestive problems we suffer today. Fermented foods are believed to be the reason for this. Yogurt, Sauer kraut and other fermented foods and beverages are teeming with live bacteria and yeasts that aid in digestion. Healthy digestive processes will prevent the gas, bloating and constipation so many people get regularly.

In India before dinner a fermented milk beverage is usually served. They believe and rightly so that it helps to digest the meal and keeps the system running smoothly. This drink has been a staple in Indian homes since ancient times.

In Asia they eat a lot pickled foods. Cabbage, turnips, cucumbers and more can be found in pickled in the market place. The pickling process is also a form of fermentation. In the Ukraine there is a high consumption of fermented foods and beverages like buttermilk and Sauer Kraut.

When peoples from these cultures migrate they take their recipes and remedies with them. There was a time in America that pickled meats, vegetables and fruits were consumed on a regular basis, then there were not so many as had problems with gas or other digestive maladies. Since we are not going backward to that simpler time we have to make do. This means finding and taking only the best prebiotic supplement.

How will you know which is best. We look for four things:

1. That it produces great results and that the bacterium is the kind that thrives in the intestinal tract.

2. That it is labeled with the specific strain of bacteria being used.

3. That it remains viable for a good length of time.

4. It must be able to survive the digestive juices in the stomach in order to get to the intestinal tract.
We know this is a tall order but there is one prebiotic supplement formula that we feel meets this criteria and it is the only one we ever use. To find out more about how vital prebiotics are for your health.

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