Ultimate Flatulence Cure Review - I Tried It

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As a man who has suffered with problem flatulence for years, I have to say that I had no idea for so long that it was even a problem.
Most of my friends were like me - frat boys who liked a good time and took nothing seriously.
Breaking wind loudly was more a cause for a high five than for a disapproving look.
That was until I met my then girlfriend, who it is safe to say was a little different from the guys I hung out with.
I would break wind and, instead of laughing, she would wrinkle her nose.
After a while her patience snapped and she was angry first, and then upset as she explained to me that when I broke wind, it made her feel ill.
Instead of being immature and macho about it like my friends were, she was worried that I was carrying a problem that could harm my health - and she wasn't sure she could be with me if I didn't care about my health.
I sent off for Joseph's book the following day because I wasn't prepared to let something so important to me be lost due to a macho farting contest.
And as I read through it, I realized that I was causing the problem myself.
I had to make some changes, and I was fully prepared to make each and every one so that I didn't lose my girlfriend.
I went to work, and hoped that it would be a success.
I said earlier on that she was my "then girlfriend".
She is now, I am delighted to say, my fiancee.
The Ultimate Flatulence Cure guide was a gift from the heavens for me, because the flatulence problems were a thing of the past, and I now feel and look a whole lot better.
Having read the natural remedies and healthy eating tips included, I also learned a few things in the kitchen - which I think sealed the deal.
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