Minitruck Laws in Indiana

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    Use on public roads

    • Operation of minitrucks (and all off-road vehicles) is prohibited on public roads unless the vehicle can be driven safely along the shoulder, out of the flow of traffic. Operation on limited access highways is prohibited. Operators may cross public roads to get from one area to another, and operation on county roads, outside incorporated cities and towns, is permitted. Law enforcement officers may make exceptions to these regulations in case of emergency. Minitrucks may be operated on public roads during special events such as parades.


    • The minitruck must have at least one headlight and one taillight in order to be operated between sunset and sunrise.


    • The minitruck must be equipped with brakes capable of decelerating the vehicle at a rate of 14 feet per second when traveling at 20 miles per hour on level ground.

    Operator requirements

    • The operator of a minitruck (or any off-road vehicle) must be a legally licensed driver if the vehicle is operated on public roads. Children under the age of 14 may not operate a minitruck anywhere other than on land owned by the child's legal guardian unless accompanied by someone over the age of 18.

    Special restrictions

    • Numerous specific restrictions are placed on the operation of all off-road vehicles in Indiana, including the following. The vehicles may not be driven on railroad tracks or in cemeteries. They may not be operated in a flowing river or stream except to cross the stream. They must have an adequate muffler and may not be driven within 100 feet of a dwelling between midnight and 6 a.m. Any firearm or bow carried in the vehicle must be unloaded and secured, and the vehicle may not be used directly in the act of hunting any animal.

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